1. darksilenceinsuburbia:

    Roxy Paine.  Maelstrom (detail), 2009. Stainless steel.  

    Courtesy of the artist and James Cohan Gallery

    Photograph: The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Teresa Christiansen.

  3. ronbeckdesigns:

    sculpture | Jessica Drenk

  4. leblognvda:

    Paper Sculpture by Karen Stahlecker (Via Anothersahdeofgrey)

  5. worker-and-parasite:

    Civilization - Bai Yiluo


  7. Anonymous asked: you kind of look like bob saget when you wear those sunglasses. it's beautiful.

    Thank you? I guess this is a good thing.


  8. Anonymous asked: Describe the details of what you would consider to be a perfect evening.

    Can there be such a thing? I believe I’d have multiple “perfect evenings”. 
    At least one of which, is classified information. You can leave it to your imagination ;)

    Otherwise, my perfect evening would be spent with friends, laughing, talking telling stories etc. We’d probably watch movies and play board games.

    Then we’d go down to the beach and sit underneath the stars and be irresponsible and young and unstoppable. 

    Also wine.


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  10. hanchaouiayoub:

    Cool Hunting Video: Thomas Doyle from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

    In a small suburb north of New York City we met Thomas Doyle, a sculptor whose miniature works reveal an interesting view of his characters’ lives. Doyle constructs frozen scenes of surreal domesticity and suburban life that provoke nostalgia and warmth—until one takes a closer look. Maybe the idyllic image of the American family is not as cozy as it seems.