1. 2headedsnake:

    Caleb Hahne

    (Source: calebhahne.com, via actegratuit)


  2. Winter Beach Cidering


    There are ways to feel loved without being told,

    There are ways to feel filled without growing old.

    I’ll be where the trees are solid as hell,

    When the sand can freeze your toes stiff,

    Shaggable in my lazy coat



    A comeback quiff.


    Don’t let the sun go down on you here.

    Throw your arms wide and let’s split this joint,

    My dearest dears.

    For in the brackets that stand between hard slog and harder

    Are your greatest characters,

    And we’re writing each other.

    My friend wrote this. She is unstoppable.

  3. cross-connect:

    Lorenzo Nanni born in Italy, is a 34 years old textile artist living and working in Paris. He specialized in embroidery.

     I use natural minerals and materials: felt, silks, cotton fabrics & threads, wools & fibers, glass and precious stones (Quartz, jade…). I use bones too, along with woods, metals and rhodoïds. It was spontaneous for me to choose these types of materials because my pieces are inspired by flora, fauna and anatomy. I have a lot of respect for nature and animals

    On my production method, I always begin with a sketch. Then I move to pattern-construction, dying then assembling fibers and finally embroidery. The time of the process can vary from 10 days up to 9 months of work, depending on the objects. Some pieces require 100 hours of embroidering. They are all unique pieces.The use of fiber has never been lost; the textile has always accompanied the painting as a form of decorative art, and has undergone the changes of time and civilization; suffered the influence of shapes, volumes and materials.


  4. really-shit:

    Rakeem Russell is a 20 year old designer and director living in London.

  5. unexplained-events:

    Photos by Philipp Igumnov.

    (via z-lekka-groteskowo)

  7. nycartscene:

    newly opened:

    All this happened, more or less
     Elizabeth Glaessner
    P.P.O.W Gallery, 535 W22nd St., NYC (3rd Fl)

    Glaessner combines familiar objects with misunderstood and idiosyncratic portraits, often laden with humor that counterpoint her macabre imagery. An exploration of memory, personal history and ritual, Glaessner’s work questions the way in which we relate to and envision our past. Her most recent paintings depict a highly detailed mythology of post-human existence on earth that features anthropomorphic, gelatinous figures in familiar, yet toxic, landscapes. These organic creatures appear as if born from natural forms, like tree trunks and rock formations, in attempt to reconstruct lost histories through the detritus left behind. - thru Aug 15

  8. asylum-art:

    Too much?  by  Amarist & Alejandro Monge

  9. actegratuit:

    Monika Horčicová is a Czech sculptor/installation artist who constructs human skeletons with 3-D printing in a very surreal juxtaposition. Many of her structures presents itself through a repetitive cycling pattern as well as experimental evolved mutations.